Latinx Like Troy

It’s been a few months since Duho Books made my dreams a reality by publishing my debut novel, The Lights of Home. I am enjoying life as a published author. So many people have approached me, telling me that they enjoyed the story of Troy and Simon.

Incredibly, though, many people are incredulous when they learn that there are Black Latinos, like Troy. Immediately, I name many Latinx folks who’ve enriched pop culture, like Laz Alonso (Stop the Yard; Jarhead); Gina Torres (Suits); and rapper Kid Cudi. In fact, Mo’Nique broke this all down, with other ethnic mixes, as Lateesha Rodriguez in the movie Domino:


So, when you’re reading The Lights of Home, remember that people like Troy are not exotic, but they are probably folks that have been a part of your lives for years. If you find this unbelievable, check out‘s SWIRLED: Our Favorite Black and Latino Celebs.



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